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Rocket Fuel 

Narrative Feature •  EN  • In Development • Supported by Canada Council for the Arts

A teenage girl, pushed into parenting her two younger siblings in place of her absentee parents, searches for gender euphoria as she navigates her world of firsts - including first love - in early 2000’s rural Canada. Based on the short of the same name.

Selected for the Inside Out Finance Forum 2024, Shortlisted for the Whistler Screenwriters Lab 2023 and the Outfest Screenwriting Lab 2022

Writer/Director: Jessie Posthumus

EP: Deborah Marks

Producer: Nancy Pettinicchio

Story Editor: Stephen Davis



Sequence 01.00_47_46_20_edited.jpg

In Lieu of Flowers

Narrative Short •  EN  •  Comedy • 2024  •  In Post- Production

A couple struggles to see eye -to-eye when a ghost appears in their apartment.

Writer/Director: Jessie Posthumus

Producers: Nancy Pettinicchio, Van Wickiam

Cinematography: Benjamin Wong

Production Design: Anastasia Popova

16mm film fall landscape with a beagle running away from camera.jpg

How's Archie?

Narrative Short •  EN  FR •  2024  •  In Development  • Supported by Toronto Arts Council

When Charlie and Mere go through a painful breakup, they decide to share custody of their beloved dog, Archie. As the film unfolds, Archie's unexpected behavioural shifts introduce mounting tension between the exes.

Writer/Director: Jessie Posthumus

Producers: Rebeca Ortiz, Erin O'Connor


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