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Rocket Fuel

“Directed and written by Jessie Posthumus, this down-to-earth yet lyrical short drama functions much like a snapshot in the life of three close-knit siblings, one where the small,  precisely observed details speak volumes about their lives and relationships together. The narrative scale is small, capturing an errand one morning during the summer. The visuals are naturalistic, but their simplicity belies a keen sense of observation and sensitivity. What emerges is a touching yet melancholic portrait of three children who only have one another as they fend for themselves in a world that is increasingly disquieting in ways large and small." - Omeleto

The feature film based on the short is currently in development.

Featured on Film Shortage , Omeleto.  and Beyond the Short.

Latest Screenings

Official Selection: Palm Springs Shortfest 2022

Official Selection: Montreal Festival du nouveau cinéma 2022

Official Selection: Vancouver International Film Festival 2022

Official Selection: FIN Atlantic International Film Festival 2022

Official Selection: International Film Festival of Ottawa 2023

Official Selection: Festival Regard 2023
Official Selection: RiverRun International Film Festival 2023
Official Selection: Pendance Film Festival 2023

 /  Winner: Best Short Film 2023

Director: Jessie Posthumus
Co-Producers: Sarah Quan, Jeff Chiu
Cinematographer: Benjamin Wong
Editor: Andrea Ziedenberg
Original Score: Kyle McCrae
Production Design: Melissa Wright
Costumes by: Anastasia Popova
First Assistant Director: Joe Craib
Hair and Make Up: Nehnika Williams
Sound Recordist: Amanda Wong
Sound Design by Drew Thomas
Sound Mixing by S. Quinn Hoodless


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