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The D2L Unstandardized Desk

The D2L Unstandardized Desk uses hinged panels made from Nordic wood – inspired by traditional school desks – that can be moved to create different shapes, accommodating students' different learning styles.

Recognizedby SXSW, Clios, LIA, Epica, Communication Arts Design, Drum, ADCC, Applied Arts and BestAdsonTV.

Production: Zulubot

Director/Editor: Jessie Posthumus

Cinematographer: Benjamin Wong

Photographer: Chris Robinson

Sound Recordist: Amanda Wong

Sound Mix: Noah Mroueh
Senior Producer: Laura Dubcovsky
Content Producer: Colleen Allen
Executive Producer: Adam Palmer

Agency: Zulu Alpha Kilo
Creative Chairman: Zak Mroueh
Chief Creative Officer: Brian Murray
Creative Director/Copywriter: Jonah Flynn
Creative Director/Art Director: Michael Siegers
Business Group Director: Lisa Walton-Rixon
Account Director: Erika Dafoe, Shauna McKenna
Chief Strategy Officer: Maxine Thomas

Industrial Design: Miles Keller, Dystil


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