Bad At This - Episode 1: Swimming

(Director) Akash is 27 years old and cannot swim. In his story he discusses body image issues and fears of drowning that made him avoid taking swimming lessons until this year. 

Bad At This - Episode 2: Rug Making

(Director) Matisse is a young hobbyist based in Montreal who loves to take upnew artistic pursuits like candle making
and rug tufting.

Bad At This - Episode 3: Hockey

(Director) Izzy is a queer writer from Toronto. After quitting hockey as an embarrassed pre-teen, she tells the story of joining a women’s community league to gain confidence and access to a community she deeply values.


Bad At This - Episode 4: Video Games

(Director) Kristen is acutely aware how intimidating the world of competitive gaming can be. She learned to accept her subpar skills by exploring the role video games can play in self-care
and in building friendships after moving to a new city.

Bad At This - Episode 5: Dog Agility

(Director) Former equestrian wunderkind Chelsea gave up jumping horses as a teen after the pressure started to negatively impact her mental health. Now, with a newly adopted rescue dog, Thelma, she is finding a balanced lifestyle and space for play in a hobby they both suck at.

Bad At This - Episode 6: Painting

(Director) Austen is a mathematics student, a marathon-runner, and a terrible artist. None of his paintings are masterpieces, but he couldn’t care less. These paintings aren’t for anyone but him.




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Jessie Posthumus is a Canadian writer, director, and editor working in both documentary and narrative film. Her short films have premiered in festivals in Canada and internationally, and have collected a number of Audience Choice and Best in Show awards. Since graduating from Ryerson University’s Film Studies program with the award for Best Screenplay in 2017, she has continued to make films that put characters first. In her work you will find a deep understanding of world-building, as well as a keen sense of humour.  Jessie is also a commercial video editor with a specialization in branded documentary content - a job that allows her to practice digital forms of storytelling every day.


Her latest directing work includes the mini documentary series Bad at This now playing on Vice, and a short narrative film premiering in 2022.

When she's not working, she can be found camping, reading, vlogging, and searching for spare change in her mattress.

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